Open Ed week 6

October 22, 2007

Understanding the importance and value of the public domain, how much (what percentage) of this value would you estimate is realized when works are licensed with a Creative Commons or GFDL license? To what degree would the open educational resources movement (and therefore the world) be additionally benefited if OERs were simply placed in the public domain? Please explain.

I think, that arround 80% of OER are licensed under CC or its variants. It is a good think because CC permits people release his OER with the conditions that they want. I think that Creative Commons is a free license for free contents (newspaper, books, art…).

Talking abut CC I want to say that the most big library in the world is going to digitalize his contents and open its. It ´s the EEUU congress library. It´s a good sample about CC uses. If the author of a book wants to share it without permision to modify, CC is his license.


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