“Everyone has the right to education… Education shall be directed to the full development of human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.” (art.26 – Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

As we can read in the human rights text, right to education is a basic human right. The problem is that the people breaks this human right constantly.

I think education would be and incorruptible human right because educated people are free people. Free people cant take the control of his life and will be more happines.

Other reason for my think is that the people wants education as a basic necssity. In Brasil ,against bad this on this country (Iliterates can´t vote), when Lula Da Silva comes to be a governor, in a town whose name i can´t remember (I hear this on a conference of health education, I think remember Portobelo but I´m not sure)  Mayor, take 2% of municipal founds for wich people decide what things needs on the town. After they had water and medecines, they decided make an school and library.

It´s curious. It´s the triangle of Maslow:

Maslow Pyramid

This is a pyramid with the necessity of the people. High level on the pyramid becomes in a well being for the people, but if yo want go up you need stronge education. Iliterates frecuently can´t rise the 3th level: Belonging.

The second part of question:

it is necessary to *mandate* education through a certain age or level?

I think that not but it´s a good idea from the governs give a financial help for the people who decide take a strong and high education.

For example, Finland. The students on Finland have a little salary while they are estuding. This fact foments the education and the education becomes in a social benefits for all population.

Many governs have a problem with the money for students sallary but it´is because they don´t know  that education will become in a money for the people and for the govern.